3 day Dill Sun Pickle Tutorial










 Step One: wash pickles, removing all dirt & sand. Trim ends when necessary.


Produce needed: 4 lbs pickles (the smaller, the better), banana peppers, garlic & fresh dill





The ‘flower’ end of the dill is the floret


Step Two: layer the pickles, dill, garlic & peppers in jar, packing tightly to the top.




Step Three: Combine water, vinegar, salt & alum in large stockpot. Bring to a simmer, dissolving salt completely to make brine.

Step Four: Pour brine over pickles (in gallon-sized jar). Cover jar with wax paper and seal tightly with lid.

Step Five: Place outside in sunny spot for three days.

Step Six: When ‘cooking’ is complete, refrigerate until eaten.

Printable pickle recipe

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