It’s no secret that Schaeffer Jo attending all day school in the fall has put my daily schedule into something of a tailspin.

When I walked away from corporate America to stay home with SJ just over three years ago, I was counting down the days until she entered school full time, because I could rejoin the ranks of working women ‘guilt-free’. Odd how quickly your perspective changes in such a short time, eh?

Now, when faced with the reality of returning to work–it is with many mixed emotions. The prospect of having intellectual stimulus is appealing, but at what cost? Is it worth missing the sweet moments of cookies after school? The minutes snuggling on the couch, talking about our days and giggling about who said or did something silly at school?

Why is it that mothers have overwhelming guilt at the idea of missing these small (but important) things? To miss a school drop off or pick up–to not pack a school lunch or be the helper at a holiday party–these are the things that tear me to bits. When did I become less working woman and more stay at home mom?

And thus, my quandary.