A Labor Free Labor Day


Griffin & SJ making one last swim to the raft before it was taken out for the winter


Autumn reflections


the brave Polar Bear swimmers: MeMa Laurie, SJ & Aunt Gayle


 Still having fun!


the ‘blue moon’ still high in the sky


family pontoon cruise

Friday night we packed up and headed North to the cottage for a long weekend of relaxation and family time. We weren’t sure what type of weather we were facing, as we kept hearing rumors of the remnants of hurricane Isaac, but we were blessed beyond measure. Each day boasted clear blue sunny skies with beach friendly temps in the low 80’s.

There’s a definite air of finality to labor day weekend–many families begin to bring in their boats, docks and rafts in preparation for winter, and start to close up their summer homes. Thankfully, we still have a few trips up North planned for later this month, so we can blissfully live in denial for a few weeks longer!

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