Our traditional ‘first day of school’ photo spot

SJ wanted to take one by ‘her’ strawberries (in the bike basket), which unbelievably, are still producing fruit!

Schaeffer, listening to instructions from Miss Deeb

her locker

meeting Mrs. Ward, the librarian

on our way into school, on SJ’s first ‘real’ (full) day of school

                 Schaeffer and I venturing into school



There are so many parts of this blog post that seem unbelievable to me. In many ways, much of my heart still sees Schaeffer as a sweet and snuggly toddler that tots around our house, munching on goldfish and napping the afternoons away. There’s another part of me that sees her sweet personality, her generous spirit, her kind compassion and her definite perseverance and knows it’s just a matter of time before we’re making college campus visits.

With that said, the past two years of preschool lessened the blow of transitioning to school–yet mandatory all day kindergarten seems like a sneak attack of the worst kind. I find great solace in the fact that there’s no question in Schaeffer’s readiness, or the fact that she is enjoying her time at school a great deal. Yet, I miss my little buddy. I miss the sweet time we have together–and want to hoard every moment we have together before and after school.

Family time has become all the more precious. That’s the gift of all day school.