There’s no season I love more than autumn. I love everything it signifies–a fresh start, a new beginning. It’s as if the world is throwing open its arms, beckoning you to start anew, to put forth your best effort, to accomplish dreams that once seemed just beyond reach.
From childhood, I remember back-to-school shopping with great fondness. My mom–while she worked full-time–always set aside a full day to take us shopping. I would plan my conquests all summer, where I would shop, what I would purchase, how much of my allotted monies would be spent where. (I suppose it’s no surprise that I ended up working in fashion!)
My mom had but one rule: we absolutely could not wear any of our new garments until the first day of school. Oh how the new denim, shiny blouses and crisp sweaters would beckon me those last weeks of summer! I can only recall breaking mom’s rule once: I wore a white peasant top with a large ruffle neck to a matinée with my then-love. I rushed home, quickly replacing back to its hanger in the closet–yet somehow, my mother knew. I was far more devastated when that beloved blouse disappeared from my closet, than when the boy stopped calling–and never broke the ‘before school’ rule again.
Here’s a glimpse at what my sweet girl has in her closet for school this year. Check back each Wednesday for more installments of What to Wear Wednesday.