Kindergarten is not for sissies.


Schaeffer, leaving for school ‘that’ morning


getting her arm X-Rayed


the first layer of the cast


almost finished!


Daddy & daughter, waiting for the cast to dry & harden

As it turns out, Kindergarten actually is dangerous. Being a parent, there are a few calls you hope to never receive home from school. You child has vomited (or been vomited on), your child has emotionally or physically wounded another child, or your child has been physically hurt themselves.

Last week, we had the scare of receiving the latter of the three. The worst part? I was unreachable–in yoga class, leaving Griffin panicked to comfort Schaeffer and track me down.

Our sweet Schaeffer fell from the top of the monkey bars on recess and fractured her wrist just above the growth plate in her right arm.

Once she progressed beyond the initial shock and fear of being injured at school, it was remarkable to watch her interact with the X-Ray tech (lecturing her on how to take the best possible picture), and inquiring about casting technique all while being very calm and composed. I have very little doubt that she will have a career in the medical profession.

Thankfully, she is tolerating the cast well (for the most part) and is experiencing very little discomfort. Her biggest complaints are missing out on the climbing wall during gym and having to paint and write with her left hand. “It’s seriously limiting my ability”, she says.

2 thoughts on “Kindergarten is not for sissies.

  1. So sorry for SJ’s arm 😦
    Glad she is so brave and hanging in there – she did a lot better with falling/cast,etc than I would have!

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