There are decisions in life that define your future course of events–that forever change your path. The selection of spouse, college choice, career path, the keeping or betraying of a secret, when/how to have a family. Some, more monumental than others. While each of these can ultimately be undone in some way or another, each leave a mark on the soul that cannot be erased, despite the strongest attempts at erasing.

For me, some of these decisions were easier than others. Choosing my college eventually came down to my mom working at the selected institution–and the free tuition. Did I choose my career path? Not necessarily–it was a 50/50 thing, I half choose it and it half choose me. I believe that’s how it happens with those who truly love what they do–it’s not something you seek out, it’s something within you–something that finds you.

The same was true with ‘choosing’ Griffin. While I would not claim love at first sight, I would say that from very early in our relationship I knew that we were meant to be together. Not every season of our relationship has been easy, but we are blessed to laugh together, finding joy in the mundane things of life.

For us, the decision to have a family was one we didn’t have to make–SJ was a surprise of the best kind. Now, the decision to try to have another child or to simply remain a family of one is a choice we cannot seem to make. How do you decide the future of a family? What is the normal? How do people decide to have more children?

And, thus we find ourselves at the crossroads of life. Do we, don’t we?