Schaeffer with ‘her’ pumpkin

eating the apple we picked at the farm on the way back to school

Schaeffer’s Kindergarten class

Schaeffer & Lydia on the hayride 

(these girls were cracking me up! they were talking about their favorite places to shop–even singing the TJ Maxx song. Little grown-ups!)

‘My’ group of kids, from the left: Spencer, Noah, Sydnee & Schaeffer

There are times when I get lost in the monotony of life–when the routine of school drop off and pick up, and lunch packing and library books and laundry and book-it and bingo games that I lose track of the wonderful extravagance that is being a stay-at-home mom.

To have the luxury of attending a field trip with my daughter and her class is something I don’t ever want to take for granted–as there are so many parents who can not. I savor in forming relationships with Schaeffer’s peers, their parents and her teacher.

How blessed I am–and what a sweet day Friday was!