It was late July with the thermometer hovering somewhere between ‘face of the sun’ and ‘sweltering’, when I made the mistake of venturing into Hobby Lobby with Schaeffer. I’ve already forgotten for what we were shopping –yet I will not forget her absolute glee as we rounded the corner and saw a large section of assembled and decorated Christmas trees.

“It’s Christmas again, mom?” “Not yet, honey.” “But, there are Christmas trees out!” “Yes, I know. Those Christmas trees are for sale.” “So, it’ll be Christmas soon?” “Not too soon honey, we still have the rest of summer and all of fall before it’s Christmastime again.”

“Well, that’s just mean, mom.”

And, honestly, I’m inclined to agree. It seems retailers sweep out the Christmas merchandise earlier and earlier each year. At one time it was the day after Thanksgiving, then mid-November, then Halloween. Now, mid-summer? Does this over-saturation of Christmas in the marketplace steal some of the ‘special’ from such a significant holiday?

What about your family? Do you have a hard & fast date that you roll out your Christmas decor? Is it done with great flourish and steeping in family tradition–or is it more based on your schedule and when you can get it done?