A birthday is comprised of a year’s worth of blessings–let me count a few!

31. The quiet moments of friendship, where silence speaks more than words

30. The delight of watching my daughter foster friendships

29. The wind in my face as I downhill ski

28. The thrill and exuberance of hitting a great drive

27. The pure excitement of finding a great bargain at TJMaxx

26. The first long pull on the straw after waiting in line at Starbucks

25. The crackling of logs in my fireplace

24. The cool water lapping on the shore and kissing my feet

23. My signature ‘clackity-clack’ of high heels walking down the street

22. When an outfit just works–and feels great

21. An ice-cold fountain diet coke

20. My five year old belting out praise

19. Savoring the seasons, each: winter, spring, summer & fall

18. When my husband reaches for my hand

17. Autumn leaves, crunching under my feet

16. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookie parties on the floor in the kitchen

15. Facetime with my niece and nephew

14. Spending time in my daughter’s classroom

13. Books & snuggles

12. Tent-forts and sleep outs

11. Red lipstick

10. Grandparents

9. The fierce love of family

8. Uncontrollable laughter

7. New revelation of truth

6. Homemade soup and crusty bread

5. My dad’s laugh

4. Sunday naps as a family

3. My mom’s hot ham & cheese sandwiches

2. The smell of freshly cut grass

1. The assurance of my salvation in Jesus