Best Mom Tip Ever! How to make cookies with your kid & like it.

So, listen. I don’t know about you, but thinking about a kitchen full of child-sized helpers causes me to break out in a cold sweat. I marvel at the mothers who proudly throw on their matching mommy & me aprons and get to work; whipping up muffins, cookies and cakes–spending precious time together as they create delicious treats for their friends and family alike.

Gratefully, my fear of suddenly breaking out in hives after spending time in the kitchen with my gal has subsided–and we’ve begun to have funI have a tip that has become a lifesaver in our kitchen. It gives my gal purpose–occupying her hands, and has given me something far more precious–my sanity. Happy baking!

Step One: Grab a small piece of dough and place 12 (when making a dozen cookies) ‘dots’ on the cookie sheet where you want your ‘helper’ to place the balls of dough



Step Two:  Using a cookie scooper (or spoon) scoop balls of dough and allow ‘helper’ to place on cookie sheet **


** This is also a great way to practice making a pattern & counting for pre-school aged children

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