Schaeffer Jo, posing for a quick frozen pic with her pumpkin


It was a family affair!

ImageMeMa Debbie, Papa Doug & SJ with her finished Mickey pumpkin

Obviously, this was a few weeks ago. Sorry for the delay in posting timely captures of life–it’s the craziest thing–life has been getting in the way.

It’s no secret, ‘pumpkin patch day’ is one of my most favorite of the year–wandering through the patch, examining each gourd carefully, mindfully choosing just the right sized and shape. We drink warm apple cider and munch on fresh cinnamon doughnuts, we’ve even enjoyed trips to the Apple orchard in years past.

This year? Our ‘pumpkin day’ resembled a drive by shooting. We jumped out of the car, each man for himself, quickly selecting our ‘perfect’ pumpkin (or one closest to our gloved hands that wasn’t visibly rotten), shoving money into the farmer’s hands and hopping back into the heated sanctuary of our car as quickly as possible. When it was all over with, I looked to the hubs and couldn’t help but laugh. We were all chilled to the bone, our shoes were caked in mud and had overpaid (read: been robbed)– but darn it, we had pumpkins. 

I was bound and determined to reclaim our traditional fall family experience with the carving of said pumpkins, and thankfully, we did. We had a wonderful family evening making our jack-o-lanterns, roasting the seeds, eating chili and watching the Great Pumpkin.

To next year!