With the turn of each calendar year, I try to evaluate what I’d like to accomplish. A new skill or hobby? A character trait that needs refining? A goal for the next twelve months?

2013 has led me to evaluate the stuff of my daily life–where I spend my time, talents and money. As I evaluate, I’ve seen the need for less of many things in my life and more of others…

Less time wasted online:  Less pinterest.  Less facebooking.  Less blogging and reading other blogs.  Truthfully, the majority of the time I spend online is a mindless time filler with no eternal significance. Blogging with purpose is one thing–feeling the obligation to post regularly is another.  While I have taken a much-needed hiatus from blogging over the past few months, and fully intend to re-establish a regular posting routine, I want my writing to be from the heart and out of a desire to write, not out of a presumed expectation to do so.

More time spent on what matters.  More time spent really being present with my family.  More books read (both for me and for Schaeffer).  More conversations engaged in–conversations where I really, really listen.  More going out of our comfort zones to meet people and share Christ with them.  More time with Griffin and more time spent in prayer.

Less worrying and stressing.

More trusting in God’s plan and timing. More choosing to be intentional in remembering God’s past faithfulness and more telling others about his goodness.

Less complaining.

More gratitude and More acting out of gratitude from what God has done.

Less stuff that we don’t need.

More giving. More hospitality. More trusting in God’s strength to live in a way that shows His likeness.