After a week’s worth of vacation right on the heels of many days of Christmas-ing, a day spent at home was just what a doctor ordered. Schaeffer was able to break into many of her new toys for the first time, and Griffin and I were able to get much of the wrapping, gifts and suitcases tucked away. (I would say only 50% of the surfaces in our house are now covered with Christmas ‘residue’).


Peak: A relaxed & lounge-y morning spent at home

Pit: None–a great day!

Thankful: The ‘big’ snow has started to fall–I might have a snow day Monday!


Peak: Successful repair of the fried electrical outlet & not having to call an electrician

Pit: It’s 40″ and used to hang on the wall, i loved it like a second child, and was controlled with a remote

Thankful: Our house didn’t burn down.



Peak: Time to soak in the bathtub, catch up on a couple magazines and enjoy a Starbucks

Pit: Grocery shopping with every citizen in Berrien County before the great snow of 2014.

Thankful: That I’m blessed to have a warm house with a cozy bed to stay safe during the pending ‘big snow’


If like us, you too are expecting great amounts of snow over the next few days–stay warm! And, if you’re blessed enough to live somewhere warm, lucky you! Get out and do something adventurous for us! We’d love to hear your Peak, Pit & Thankful–let’s celebrate the everyday together.