Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 8.05.33 PMphoto from #puremichigan 

The great blizzard of 2014 delivered about 16 inches to our front yard today. Granted, the temperatures are beginning to plummet, and the winds are starting to pick up. We’ll see what the morning brings.

Thanks to facebook & instagram, I know that many of my friends are those who make me look bad loving parents who took their children outside to play in the freshly fallen snow. We, on the other hand, chose to stay entrenched inside; staving off cabin fever by playing games, reading books, watching old movies and whipping up winter weather comfort foods.


Peak: A lounge-y day spent entirely in pajamas!

Pit: None! It was a great day.

Thankful: No school tomorrow, I get to stay home another day!


Peak: A relaxing day spent at home.

Pit: None! It was a great day.

Thankful: We’re blessed to have a warm, cozy house.


Peak: Watching SJ play U-Kloo today, reading the ‘advanced’ clues on her own!

Pit: Playing trouble. Again.

Thankful: I’m thankful for a family who enjoys spending time together–and that we can make our own fun, be silly together and laugh together.