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Today gifted us a wintery mix of sub-thermal temperatures with blowing & drifting snow. It was another day spent entirely indoors–giving us opportunity to unwrap new boardgames, read previously undiscovered books and do our best to not drive one another crazy.

We excelled at some better than others.

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Peak: Playing Monopoly for the first time! (And, spending another full day in pajamas!)

Pit: Missing learning & spending time with friends at school.

Thankful: The blessing of a warm house that keeps out the cold & snow.


Peak: Teaching Schaeffer one of my favorite games: Monopoly.

Pit: Nearly getting frostbit fingers while pumping gas.

Thankful: That we’ve maintained our heat & power, not being required to respond to any emergency calls today.


Peak: Making a family list of goals/things we hope to accomplish in 2014. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a great year.

Pit: Losing patience with SJ while she ‘guessed’ her way through a book, instead of reading it to her ability.

Thankful: That we’ve had time together, beyond what was expected, to snuggle, read books, play games and make snacks. And, that my girl said today, “I love school, but I would stay home with you everyday, Mom”