Griffin & SJ trying out the new KA pasta attachment
Griffin & SJ trying out the new KA pasta attachment

Surprise! We’re still home, and we’re still feeling the lingering chill of the polar vortex. Today did bring major changes, as I did shower and put on pants with a non-elastic waist band.

In other news, there’s no school again tomorrow, so we’re going to change right back into our comfy pants and keep on adding to our winter weight!

Peak: “Special” dinner date with MeMa & Papa at Culver’s!
Pit: Missing Daddy while he’s at fire meeting
Thankful: That God answered our prayers for Papa Al to travel safely

Peak: Homemade pasta for lunch!
Pit: Having to repair my snowblower in sub-zero temperatures
Thankful: Being able to spend another day home with my family

Peak: Snuggling with SJ on the couch while I did computer work
Pit: Spending hours on the computer playing catch-up (I firmly resolve to STOP procrastinating!)
Thankful: For a husband who drove over the river and through the woods to bring his desperate wife a Starbucks. He really does love me.