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Happy Friday, Friends! I missed you yesterday–I got home late after an evening meeting, and found Schaeffer sound asleep with no record of her day.
Griffin and I joked about waking her–or perhaps writing them for her–but neither option seemed quite right.
Admittedly, these last few days have been a bit of a blur–I’ve been working on a large project for church, which ebbs and flows in the demand placed on my time. This week happens to fall into the busy category–requiring near ‘full time’ status, which was a major shift of gears from a relaxed Christmas break.
I’m very excited that the video portion of the project, which has been a many-month-in-the-making piece was prepped today for sound and lighting and will begin filming tomorrow. It has been nothing short of miraculous the way God has brought the people, time and talent together!

Peak: Going on a ‘real life’ fire call with Daddy & spending special time with him at his office
Pit: Getting drenched in the rain with Daddy walking back to the office after getting a special treat at the convenience store after school
Thankful: That we were each able to spend special time together today, as a family, and with one each other 1:1

Peak: Catching up with a buddy over lunch
Pit: Getting soaked to the bone with Schaeffer
Thankful: Having special time with Schaeffer

Peak: Watching my vision for the video project come to fruition, seeing others being willing to use their gifts & talents for the advancement of the Kingdom
Pit: Having wet feet all day because I chose to not wear wellies in spite of today’s rain
Thankful: God has blessed me with friends who are willing to take on my projects as their own–working hard to see things I care about succeed