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After two long  weeks filled with too many hours of computer time and too few hours of family time, I’m thankful that my project has gone to press.
We’ve also been savoring the surprise of more snow days–enjoying lazy days at home, watching movies, painting nails, doing crafts and having sleep overs at the grandparent’s house.

Peak: “I have like ten hundred thousand peaks today!” Building forts at MeMa’s, spending time playing barbies & finding Aunt Sara’s AWANA vest
Pit: I’ve got a little bit of a cold with a sniffly nose
Thankful: My birthstone for my necklace has shipped and will come soon
Peak: Singing ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ as our prayer at the dinner table
Pit: Seeing a friend shaken after getting into a car accident
Thankful: That we’ll have the opportunity to get back into the routine of life after another wonderful break from school
Peak: Spending time together with SJ this afternoon, snuggling on the couch & watching Christmas movies.
Pit: Having to cancel an important dr.’s appointment (and not being able to see family) in Grand Rapids due to hazardous weather conditions
Thankful: That God has blessed my daughter with grandparents who’re invested in her life & desire to spend time with her regularly