Like most of the midwest, we’ve been living in what seems to be a perpetual snow globe for weeeeeks. Our snow days began before Christmas break, delayed the return to school after Christmas break and has prevented kids from attending school for more than 3 days consecutively since the week of December 16th.
There was much rejoicing today, when, after countless days of indoor recess, SJ was allowed to once again play outside at school. It was the first thing I heard about as the door flew open in the pick-up line, with details of who and what discussed in great length and with much fervor. To quote SJ, ‘it’s amazing what a little fresh air can do for your heart, mom”.  I couldn’t agree more honey, I couldn’t agree more.

Peak: Going outside for recess!
Pit: Mommy is still not feeling well
Thankful: God loves me!
Peak: Finding out about a new product today that will help many clients
Pit: Having cold & wet feet for most of the day at work
Thankful: For lunchtimes spent at home with Kate
Peak: Getting much accomplished for church project & having the opportunity to help my mom brainstorm for a work project
Pit: My dinner was a flop (although I liked it… which does count for something!)
Thankful: For a schedule that allows me to really enjoy the little things of life–like the school pick-up line & having lunch with my husband. How blessed I am!