ScanGrandma Jean, 1942

Don’t hold your breath–but–this may be the first full week of school of 2014.
Schaeffer is holding out hope for a Wednesday snow day, with the way the forecast is shaping up, I suppose it’s possible.
This week is proving to be of the busier variety for the project I’m working on, so I anticipate our posts to be a bit brief. In the midst of a day full of monontous computer work, I delighted in ordering the invitations for Grandma Jean’s 90th birthday party. (Consider the picture above your sneak peak!)

Peak: Music class at school! I had so much fun singing about  Punxsutawney Phil
Pit: None! I had a great day.
Thankful: That I got to spend special time being ‘athletic’ with mom doing yoga
Peak: My new Purdue shirt came in the mail today!
Pit: Had a case of the ‘Mondays’
Thankful: Having a ‘summertime’ dinner to chase away the winter blahs
Peak: Doing yoga with my girl, seeing her delight in being ‘athletic’ with me
Pit: Going to the grocery store with no plan for dinner
Thankful: That I was able to spend some time getting ready to celebrate Grandma Jean and the impact she’s made on countless lives