PeakPitThankful: the weekend edition

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Weekends around our house start the moment SJ’s buns hit the carseat after school on Friday, and don’t quit until bedtime Sunday night. Every moment of family time is savored, treasured and maximized for fun. I especially love our lazy Saturday mornings spent at our local breakfast spot–devouring pancakes that are the size of the plate and slathered in whip cream–all the while planning out the rest of our day.  Sunday afternoons are favorites, too, as we race to change into ‘comfies’ and crawl into Mom & Dad’s bed, snuggling in for a long nap.

Schaeffer‘s weekend highlights
Peak: Having ‘Friday night, pizza night’ with Mema, Papa & GG
Pit: Having a bloody lip on the playground & getting blood on my turtle
Thankful: I won the family game of crazy8’s!
Peak: We spent the whole day together as a family!
Pit: Mrs. Raches had a bad headache & I didn’t get to play with Shaylen in the snow fort
Thankful: That we got to spend time with GG, helping her at her house
Peak: Our family restie time
Pit: No pit today–it was a GREAT day!
Thankful: That I can go to church and praise God

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