How far along: 21 weeks.

How big is baby: Your baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — about the size of a carrot.

Weight gain/loss: I’m holding steady at plus 1 pound.

Sleep: I’m getting more than I will when Baby Ott arrives!

What I’m looking forward to: Celebrating Father’s Day tomorrow! I have been so blessed to have a wonderful Dad, husband and Father in Law. My daughter couldn’t be more loved by her Papas, and she makes the sun rise and set in her daddy’s eyes.

Also,  after spending our first week of summer break without a schedule (which was wonderful!), Schaeffer begins First Tee on Tuesday. Having a rhythm to our days will be great!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: After last week’s post, Griffin was insistent that I failed to mention my recent love of iced tea. He also thought it prudent to mention that in general, I have an aversion to cooking (ha!). I’ve also been loving strawberries! I’m feeling so thankful that the berries are fresh from the field–and finding many ways to bake, blend and gobble them up.

Movement: I’m beginning to think Baby Ott has a future in gymnastics with all the flips and flops she’s doing in there!

What I’m loving: Continued progress on Schaeffer’s ‘big sister’ bedroom–and how excited she is to take on her new role in our family. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude each time she talks to the Baby–and sit in wonder at how good God has been to our family.

Symptoms: I’m feeling so thankful to consistently have more energy, and while I still have to determine myself to eat regularly, I’m glad to not be quite as nauseous. I’m struggling to manage the sciatica that has begun in my right side, and will be seeking out either a masseuse or a chiropractor this coming week.

Best moment of the week: Watching Schaeffer and my mom spend time together: sowing, laughing together, sleeping out in the living room–making memories together to cherish.