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How far along: 27-1/2 weeks.

How big is baby:  We had another growth ultrasound on Monday, and baby girl Ott weighed in at 2 pounds 2 ounces.

Weight gain/loss: Happily, I’ve gained another half a pound, which brings my total to 3 pounds. (We’ll round up)

Sleep: My sleeplessness has been contagious–neither Griffin or I have slept well all week. We moved our bedroom furniture tonight and switched out our bedding–hopefully something fresh will do the trick!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I’ve been eating out of necessity, still lacking an appetite. Griffin & SJ remind me that anything has to be better than Ensure!

Movement: A great source of entertainment! When Baby Girl gets wound up the movement is visible from across the room as my belly jumps and wiggles with her punches and kicks.

What I’m loving: The feeling of accomplishment as we continue to cross things off our ‘before-baby’ to-do list. Schaeffer’s new bedroom is now complete and the nursery is lacking just a few finishing decor items. We bought our first package of diapers today!

Symptoms: After a few days on medication, the symptoms that landed me in OB triage Saturday night have nearly ceased. I’m so thankful to have such a high-quality of care! Additionally, we learned at my appointment Monday that Baby Girl’s growth has begun to decline (as anticipated). The doctors will continue to monitor her closely, making decisions about her birthday based on her failure to thrive.

What I’m looking forward to: Birthdays! We are a family filled to the brim with summer birthdays! Beginning today, and continuing thru the next few weeks, we’ll celebrate five birthdays. It’s a lot of fun! Also, squeezing every last drop of fun out of what’s left of summer. We are absolutely not speaking the ‘s’ word in our house.

Best moment of the week: It’s hard to pick just one, as it’s been many weeks since our last post. However, I’ve included a few glimpses of our summer fun below. Enjoy!

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